The Tambourine Man Sings a New Song


Millions know Roger McGuinn as the co-founder of the influential sixties folk-rock band The Byrds. But did you know that he and his wife Camilla are also CBN Founders Club Partners? “There are children in the world that don’t have water,” says Camilla. “We get letters from CBN, and when I sit there and read, I run to Roger, ‘Look, they’re digging wells — people are getting water!” says Camilla excitedly. Roger and Camilla are thrilled that CBN helps people in practical ways, like feeding them when they’re hungry, providing disaster relief (including aid after the recent tsunami in Asia), and digging wells. Even though they’re on the road nearly nonstop, they still make sure they get their daily dose of Pat Robertson’s teaching. “The teachings that Pat will send out – we have those in the van, because you need to have the Word with you all the time,” says Camilla. “Sometimes we download The 700 Club in Windows Media. I have a program that will capture that, and so we have it and we play it in the van sometimes,” says Roger. The McGuinns also turn to The 700 Club for their news. “Instead of the nightly news, we turn on The 700 Club, [avoiding]the negative impact of the network news,” says Camilla. “[The 700 Club] comes on right at the time that Peter Jennings and Dan Rather do … we just switch them right off and turn on Pat,” adds Roger. Roger and Camilla know that CBN does remarkable things for people all over the world, and they know that when they watch The 700 Club, they’ll see something that is all too rare on television – a Christian world view. “It gives us a sense that we hear more of what’s really happening in the world,” says Camilla. According to Roger, “It’s a world we can relate to!”


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