‘Good Guys with Guns’: Teaching Children to Honor Our Protectors  


WASHINGTON – The right to keep and bear arms is a core American value, but if you walk into most public school libraries you won’t find many books that celebrate people who protect us with guns or the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

One mom is trying to change that with her new children’s book, “Good Guys With Guns.” 
“I wanted to teach young people about the value of police officers and military who give their lives sometimes in service of others,” author Susan Swift told CBN’s Jenna Browder. 
Swift said she got the idea a few years ago after her son’s school Christmas pageant. 
She tells the story of one parent, an off-duty police officer, who came in late and stood in the back.

“Well there was a liberal mom in the group who started really freaking out that there was a police officer present in the school,” Swift explained. 
Other parents and teachers tried to calm the woman down but to no avail. 
 “She continued protesting and saying, ‘he shouldn’t be here because he has a gun.’ He’s a police officer. He’s licensed to carry a gun. That’s the safest place in the world… Didn’t matter to her. She wanted him gone.” 
The police officer left but the woman’s complaints didn’t stop there. 
She went to the school board demanding he not be allowed to pick up his son from school. 
With little help from the school, the officer and his wife eventually decided to transfer their son and that got Swift fired up. 
“I’m watching a devaluing of the law, a devaluing of the sacrifices, a devaluing of natural law, the sense of Christian duty, and the morality to do the right thing,” she said. 
It led her to think about offering a positive look at guns in a children’s book. 
“So, I looked on Google. There aren’t any. And so I decided we’ll we’ve got to fix that. Let’s write a book about the good guys with guns.” 
The book introduces children to friendly law enforcement officers and the specific guns they use to protect and serve. 
Swift’s goal is to get it into to schools across America and so far she’s received a lot of positive feedback.  

She’s not sure if the police officer who inspired the book has seen it or not. 
“I haven’t showed it to him but I think he would appreciate it and I hope other police officers and their families appreciate it.”


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