Expert Says New Employment Report is Stunning, But Someone Isn’t Getting Enough Recognition


As the heat rises in July, so does America’s employment rate –  209,000 jobs were added in one of the hottest months for business.

The month also marks a shift for the unemployment rate, which went from 4.4 to 4.3 percent. 

It matches the lowest point for unemployment in 16 years – a point that was reached earlier this year in May. 

Some say it’s an economic rebound. 

“This is a terrific jobs report,” senior economic contributor for Freedom Works, Dr. Stephen Moore, told CBN News. “…The Trump bounce that we saw earlier this year is looking like it’s turning into a Trump moon bounce because the economy really has picked up substantially in the last few months.”

Hotels and restaurants have done especially well, and have grown with 53,400 new jobs.

There’s success in the education and health care fields too, which added 54,000 jobs.

Those are just some of the fields seeing good results.

Moore says that the growth is helping blue-collar workers, pointing to President Trump’s recent trip to a state where they’re experiencing success.

“It’s interesting that yesterday that Donald Trump was in West Virginia,” he said. “And West Virginia is a state that’s experiencing a nice rebound.”

“Their economic growth rate was three percent last month… Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said the coal industry is dead, and it’s back,” he added.

He mentioned the mining industry as well.

“Mining and drilling continues to do well,” he said. “Go figure, a president who is pro-energy has created more energy jobs.”

And even if the federal government raises interest rates, Moore believes it won’t stop the growth.

“I don’t think that’s gonna slow things down. Interest rates are already so low,” Moore said. “Raising them by fifty basis points or 100 basis points I don’t think it’s gonna slow down this economy.”

Just this last Wednesday, Amazon attempted to fill 50,000 positions with their “hiring day”, which took place all over the country.

Moore says the President should get “credit” for “de-regulation,” and, “getting the government off the back of businesses in terms of crazy rules and regulations that make it harder for businesses to expand.”

But Moore believes the media isn’t giving the story enough attention. 

“This was one of those reports that’s so good that even the media couldn’t find anything bad about it, so they kind of ignored it,” he remarked. 

“The media is beating him (President Trump) up,” he also said. “Even as this new information is coming out about a better job market, higher wages, (a) record stock market, all the liberal media wants to talk about is Russia and Comey.”

“They’re ignoring the number one story in America that Americans care most about,” he added.


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