12 Resolutions for 2012


During elections, over 700 million Indians make a decision to choose their government and its leader. The verdict is given; some are happy while others are not. The new-old government is formed and both the happy and the unhappy have to live with it, their choice!

Do you know that we humans are the only privileged beings on planet earth who have the ability to choose? And this intellectual faculty to choose makes us accountable for our choices. We are free to choose but we cannot escape the consequences of our choices.

Stanley Jones, a good friend of Mahatma Gandhi, once rightly said, “You can make your own choices; you cannot control the consequences of those choices.” Choices can be intentional or impulsive, but the result is what we all have to live with it. While we enjoy the fruit of the good choices we make, we also suffer from the effect of the bad ones.

Human memory is strange and it often brings to mind the bad choices we make. As a result, we blame ourselves several times for one or more of these wrong choices. We suffer from humiliation, grief, fear, guilt, remorse and loss of integrity and credibility. To cover up, we try to justify ourselves before others. But in the court of our conscience, we find no excuse to hide any of our secrets. The worst part is we find ourselves alone, in spite of being in the company of our dear ones. We look for a pill that can abort the feelings of guilt and fear.

We realize that our personal and private world is suddenly burst like a hand grenade. It explodes outward and affects our life and our surroundings. We realize that we are not able to perform well in our tasks, and unable to meet the dead lines.

Soon friends find that we have become different and they question us, but we have no courage to tell them that we are facing the consequences of our wrong choices. We put up a plastic smile to save our dignity, which actually according to our conscience is already lost. To cover up one mistake we deliberately end up making more mistakes – bad choices.

We feel that we have reached the rock bottom, hit the wall and reached the dead end. In those moments, we hope that someone would accept us just as we are, and forgive our wrong choices and give us the confidence to move ahead.

Are these lines an echo of your cry? Are you going through similar painful experience????? Relax! You are not alone walking through this dark path. Infact, almost all people experience the same situation several times in their lives. Again, it’s a choice they have to make. While some boldly take the path to restoration, others take the path to degeneration.

Friends, it’s time that you make a deliberate choice to be restored. I once chose this path on the suggestion given by a friend. Suffering from the effects of my wrong choices has changed; I now feel, I am like a fellow-patient recovering soon because I made a choice earlier to be cured. Enjoying the fruits on the path of restoration, I am now able to give you some advice. That path is the God of the Bible, who loves you and is happy to restore you.

Peter, the chief among the disciples of Jesus Christ, once claimed that he would never disown his guru. But within hours of that claim, he disowned his master before a servant girl just as foretold by Jesus. The burden of that guilt was so heavy that he decided to quit the team.

Later, Jesus met him not to condemn but to restore. And history says that Peter became the first official spokesperson of Jesus. Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Thomas and host of other great persons in the Bible had similar experiences. They all made their choices to be restored. Are you willing to make that choice? You will be restored!



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